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MDE tools' chain

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OpenEmbeDD offers a powerful generic MDE tools' chain

EMF logo The EMF standard for manipulation of metamodels

The Eclipse Modeling Framework offers a standard format (Ecore) and all corresponding tools & API to create, manage and instanciate metamodels.
You can define your own metamodel and generate a model editor for create and serialize models in accordance with it.
As other OpenEmbeDD tools are based upon EMF, it is fully embedded in the platform, together with GMF main components.

Topcased logoTopcased generator to define your own modelers

By using Topcased, you can configurate and parameterize multiple graphical diagram editors based on any Ecore metamodel.
Topcased also comes with standard modelers like the full set of UML 2.1 diagrams, AADL, SysML, SAM and an Ecore metamodeler.

ATL logo ATL transformation language for wrappers between metamodels

ATL is a language to write transformations between models corresponding to a given metamodel and models for another metamodel.
It uses a functional syntax within a dedicated Eclipse editor, with completion, full syntax highlighting and mecanisms to write and call transformation routines.

Kermeta logo Kermeta aspects to breath life into your metamodels

Kermeta is an environement dedicated to interact with metamodels.
It is mainly based upon an object-like language which code can be weaved on-the-fly into metamodel as aspects.
It offers a textual editor and a graphical modeler plus OCL-like syntax on model elements.

Papyrus logo Easy UML profiles with Papyrus

The Papyrus modeler has been design as a professional UML modeler for static diagrams.
Its goal is to give an easy way to define your own UML profiles and graphically apply it on UML models of your own.

For a more detailled presentation of the MDE abilities of the OpenEmbeDD platform, have a look on the Basic Demo:

Basic Demo.