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How to upgrade?

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How to get the last version of the OpenEmbeDD software without falling in versions conflicts

 The OpenEmbeDD project delivers all the sub plug-ins needed by its tools in a version which has been validated by all teams.
To get the last project software without breaking this quality insurance, you must avoid use the Eclipse classical way of update, because it downloads the last razor-edge plug-ins version of the Eclipse sub plug-ins which may introduce incompatibility in our tools.

How to do safely?

You can get the last version of the OpenEmbeDD software over your current OpenEmbeDD environment by the same way you got the first one.
Open the "Help" menu in Eclipse, and choice "Software Updates" -> "Find and Install".
Then use the "Search for new features to install" in the Update Wizard (NOT "Search for Updates..."):


Then click on the "Next" button to obtain the windows of sites selection.
You must ensure that OpenEmbeDD is the only selected site in the list:


Then the "Finish" button will load the uninstalled features AND the new version of installed OpenEmbeDD software:


Select the features corresponding to new version of software you had previously installed (you can also install the rest of OpenEmbeDD software):


The rest of the install is the same than the original install.

What must you avoid?

Never use the option "Search for Updates of the currently installed features" of the Update Wizard:


This choice would connect to all the update sites automatically referenced in your Eclipse then get the most recent version of installed plug-ins, which can be incompatible or introduce instability in the OpenEmbeDD tools (developed and tested on older versions).
Oftently, the version's changes of underlying plug-ins include some code refactoring, implying cascade refactoring in upper level plug-ins based upon them.

If you corrupted your OpenEmbeDD install

The simplest way to recover a working environment is to install a new one from the project update site.

Be aware that some difficulties can occur when opening with a new major Eclipse version a workspace project made under older Eclipse version.
We do all our possible to test such translation of OpenEmbeDD user projects when we switch OpenEmebeDD software to a new version of Eclipse but some errors can escape our nets.