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TimeSquare (CCSL Parser)

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The CCSL is the Clock Constraint Specification Language inside the MARTE UML2 profile

The CCSL Parser tool corresponds to the CCSL language implementation and its full grammar definition.


  • A full parser for clock constraints into UML2 (Marte) models
  • a visual tree of parsed model clocks

How to use CCSL Parser?

Inside an UML model (with CCSL profiled elements), you can use the contextual menu in order to parse a constraint or the all model constraints.


Interests and outcomes

The language introduces a dedicated notation for (infinite periodic) binary words which are used to represent how a subclock can be defined by selecting instants amongst the ones of an underlying (master) clock. They may be seen as textual versions of chronograms.

The language also supports clock declarations and clock expressions.

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