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Update and discovery URL to be used in Eclipse :
Using this system you can easily install and keep your version of OpenEmbeDD tools up-to-date.
It includes:

OpenEmbeDD architecture

The full set of plugins delivered by the participants to OpenEmbeDD project have been sorted using the corresponding level of architecture. The general architecture levels gather the plugins as drawn in the scheme below.
OpenEmbeDD Architecture
The best way to discover OpenEmbeDD tools is to get an Eclipse 3.3.0 workbench which is free of plug-ins, and then install OpenEmbeDD plug-ins on it from the project update site.
In the Eclipse Update wizard, you can choice the features you really need :

Installing OpenEmbeDD

In order to be able to do something with OpenEmbeDD, you need a 3.3.0 Eclipse and OpenEmbeDD plug-ins.

Get Eclipse

To get an empty Eclipse 3.3.0 workbench, download the SDK file corresponding to your operation system from Eclipse download site.
To reference OpenEmbeDD plugins in this new Eclipse, point your Eclipse Update Manager at the OpenEmbeDD update site. For more on how to do this, click here.
    > Software Updates
      > Find and Install...
        > Search for new features to install
          > New Remote Site...
             * Name: OpenEmbeDD Update Manager Site for Eclipse
             * URL:

Choose OpenEmbeDD plugins

As explain earlier, you can choose some features in the OpenEmbeDD software. See the Update Manager wizard :


You can develop the tree by clicking on the triangle icon.


If you do not get the complete tree (on Linux Fedora Core for example), launch you Eclipse by specifying the good Java virtual machine like this:
/local/OpenEmbeDD_platform/eclipse_Linux-x86 -vm /local/jdk1.5.0_06/bin/java

Then you choose one of the features (or more). This feature can have some dependencies on basic Eclipse plug-ings (like EMF) or other OpenEmbeDD plug-ins, giving you a white-on-red cross alert.


Click on the "Select Required" button of the wizard.


The wizard selects all the dependent plug-ins


You can also select the whole OpenEmbeDD software (around 150 MB).


When you have selected the plug-ins you need, the "Next" button presents you the Licence window.


Accept and go next.


Now, you can install all the features you have selected before.


Restart the Eclipse and have a nice job using OpenEmbeDD!


OpenEmbeDD available features

Note: If you don't see the links to the jar files, this is due to browser incompatibility. In this case, please try with another browser. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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